Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Have we met?

Hi dudes, dudettes!
Ciao guido, gudettes!
Bonjour les gars, garelles!
Эй парни, парниетте!
So as you can see i finally opened a graphics blog (as i was forced too) but if you check out the info boz at the top about this blog you'll see it's an art/graphic/diary blog!
Now if you're cool-follow
If you're my friend-follow
If you're a hater-follow (So that you can write mean comments >:D)
If you're a fellow artist-follow
If you're absolutely awesome fabbydabbydoseyly-follow
If you're stroking your cat-follow
If you're in the toilet-follow(first wash your hands)
Hope i've made my point!
(melon is french for cantelope :o)


shanelrouge- said...

I have a cat. :)
I guess I have to follow the blog now. :D

Nojarama said...

=D Whoop

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